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The Great Gatsby pushed back to summer 2013

The Great Gatsby has been pushed back from its Christmas release date by around half a year, with Warner announcing that the film will now be released on an unspecified date in summer 2013.

Baz Luhrmann’s 3D adaptation of the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald had initially been scheduled to arrive on Christmas Day, but will now face a significant delay, which Warner hopes will ensure, “this unique film reaches the largest audience possible.”

“The responses we’ve had to some of the early sneak peeks have been phenomenal,” said international distribution president Veronika Kwan Vandenberg, “and we think The Great Gatsby will be the perfect summer movie around the world.”

Source: Total Film

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Eyeshadow, Raspberry Puree, and a Fanny Pack: The Summer between Films

News has been sparse to say the least.

More recently? Gatsby inspired a makeup line by Boots, the UK cosmetic line. The New York Daily News covers it here, but actual photos of the product are here, if anyone is in the market for eyeshadow between October and March.

Need to brush up on Gatsby film history before the movie hits? We have a link for that too courtesy of The San Diego Reader–although it’s not pro-Luhrmann by a long shot. Beyond this, everyone is stalling for time until the fall.

What about Django, you say? Well, Tarantino was at Comic Con with Django…okay, PART of Django, according to this site. Sadly, it seems Tarantino forgot to bring the clips with DiCaprio. Vanity Fair interviewed Jamie Foxx about the movie, and yes, he did remember to mention DiCaprio…but waxed more poetic about his horse, Cheetah.

I’m not joking. I wish I was. Did anyone attend Comic Con this year?

Because Leo did not. What was he doing? Eating out with Tobey Maguire at Cut, Las Vegas. People magazine states this included steak and a Raspberry Velvet cocktail with Grey Goose, which is made with raspberry puree and rosemary according the restaurant’s website. (Mr. DiCaprio, anytime you want to invite the staff here out for those, let us know; it’s been a warm summer.)

Other websites were less impressed with the details, sniffily commenting that Maguire is vegan and that DiCaprio’s manners may be in question when dining on steak in his friend’s presence. As it seems downright silly to insert ourselves into that fascinating little sidebar conversation of “hey, do you care if I eat what I want?” between two grown men who have known each other for years, we’re going to breeze past that. I’m guessing that if Mr. Maguire feels comfortable enough to let DiCaprio walk around town hand in hand with his toddler daughter, he’s probably already made peace with his friend’s life decisions.

In a further attempt to improve the world of journalism, Glamour magazine offered an opinion on Leo’s vacation fanny pack. Please bear in mind that the same page has a link to the hard hitting article, “The Dos and Don’ts of Frozen Yogurt.”

And sadly, that was the better article.

Have a great week everyone, and hopefully we’ve got more next week!



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An Assortment of Flick News

Hello fans!

Today, a mash-up with a little something for everyone.

*Entertainment Weekly muses on: The 12 Weirdest Details from Tarantino’s Latest (and finally, someone questioned the coconut!)

*MTV volleys with ‘Five Secrets from the Trailer’

*Women’s Wear Daily delivers a First Look at Brooks Brothers’ ‘Gatsby’ Fashion and…New York Magazine decides to chime in.

*For the bookworms, Scribner Illuminates ‘The Great Gatsby’

*The Examiner and The Daily Telegraph (via The Herald Sun) report on alleged on-set conflicts between Luhrman and DiCaprio–with some new minor behind-the-scenes footage from the Telegraph



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New Staff, More Gatsby

Hi everyone!

I’m a new volunteer at the site, and will be taking over some of the news/updating duties from Marcie.

A little bit about me, so we get to know each other: I’ve been a Leo fan since 1997–when I first saw What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. This was followed by a freakish amount of Growing Pains re-runs, but we won’t get into that. I’ve followed the site since 2006, and have made occasional donations because it continues to be the most professional fan site I’ve seen. (So donate, because it’s important that we keep it going!)

Now if we’re being realistic, one person cannot keep track of ALL the news. No matter how hard Marcie works, there will always be more news than would be feasible to update. She’s done a great job, and while I’m going to strive to keep that tradition, I can say that I’ll be able to spot every bit of news. I’ll need your help. If you see news from a credible source, please contact us so we can investigate. Feel free to put my name in the subject if you like, because we’ll be seeing a lot more info as publicity ramps up for The Great Gatsby and Django Unchained.

Just a reminder: no information about DiCaprio’s private relationships will be posted. Don’t send it, because we won’t use it; this is Marcie’s site policy and we ask that you respect that.

News for today: some older, some newer. Enjoy and debate below.

Empire’s News Update on Live at Night, Empire Reveals That WB Wanted DiCaprio for Riddler in Nolan’s New Batman

NPR’s “Monkey See” Blog Features Gatsby in “Let’s Rush to Judgment”

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New Stills

Added new stills from the Great Gatsby we had two previously which have been re-added with better res and 1 new one. Thanks to Dicakylar for doing the screen captures of the trailer for us.

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The Great Gatsby Trailer on ET

Today you will be able to preview the Trailer to Leo’s coming movie the Great Gatsby. Here’s a teaser from yesterday’s ET.