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New updates

I finally updated a few things around here. I’ve brought back the fan fiction archive. Thanks to a friend we got updated. So thanks to all his hard work. You can view the Fan Fiction Archive here. I also updated the fanlistings some codes we’re a bit off so its fixed.

Gallery is Back

Some technical difficulties came up but the gallery is now back. If you still can’t see it give it 48 hours to propogate correctly on the internet.

New Section

I was talking to an old friend and we talked about something we used to do way back when this site started. Every Titanic enthusiast used to do this so I am bring back something old. I have some old content from the site and I am adding it back. Its a video section called the Video Vault where I will be putting some videos. I put up 19 so far. And hope to be adding more in the next few days.

There’s also some donated content from HollyP, Mia, Maypi and Julie. So expect that and more soon.


Gallery Registrations have been going to my spam folder so I never received them but I approved the ones I did receive. Sorry for those who have been struggling to get in. I am changing my email address so hopefully this doesn’t happen again.

Gallery Overhaul on Hold

The gallery has been postponed for now. I got really sick so I’m still not over it but getting better slowly. I’ll work on the gallery when I am much better. For now it is open to registered users.

Gallery Overhaul

Its been a while since I did this. Hell its been actually years. I plan to overhaul the gallery. So please be patient. It will be back very soon.

Facebook Page Gone

Due to Facebook removing our page which we had for quite a few years has been removed for their so called impersonating a person. Which you all know I did not. So I moved out of there and deleted the page. So you can join here if you want some quick updated news.

SLD celebrates 23 years online

It been a long time, when I first started this site it was based on Titanic and over time it was a feeding ground for Leo lovers. I faced closure two years ago. But fans stills visit this site and I thank you for still visiting. I’ve seen a lot of Leo sites in the years past. But ours remained. While I really want to close it. I don’t think this site is done yet. Maybe I’ll just wait till its 25th year anniversary. I’ll try and post more updates.