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Gallery Updated

Gallery Updated

I know I haven’t posted any new photos in a while so I added old photoshoots we missed back from 1999 – onwards. I still have more to add including events. So be sure to visit us more often for more content to see. And thanks to Naty for updating the news for us and our visitors who are still coming back to us after 20 years. – Marcie

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Gallery Update

Sorry for the inconvenience of the gallery being down. This was my last site that needed to be upgraded. So upgrades are complete. If you see any errors or anything else feel free to tell me. Thanks for your patience.

Marcie Lucas

New scans from Premiere FR July/Aug 2019

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Gallery Cookies Toolbar

Since the new install of the latest Privacy Policy and Cookies Toolbar. Some people are having problems viewing the gallery please be aware that we have installed a cookies toolbar which if you don’t accept it. You will not be able to log in. After you accept it, you will not see it anymore and should be able to login as usual. Just wanted people to be aware since some having trouble. This is not meant to be trouble for you guys only to inform you of your rights and what we use on the site itself.

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Site changes

Dear Visitors,

Some changes have been made to Simply Leonardo DiCaprio for the upcoming EU’s General Data Protection Regulations. The changes are listed and explained below.

Privacy Policy
We now have our own Privacy Policy! We have always had a privacy policy through our host, but we have just added our own to fit our custom needs. The link has been displayed publicly in the Footer of the site. You can read the full Privacy Policy at the following link.

Cookies Policy
We now have a public link to what cookies we use and how we use them. If/when you fill out our contact form, we collect your name and email to reply back to you and address you properly. Simply Leonardo DiCaprio also collects the number or visitor we receive. This is just for admins to see and let us know what reaches our audience better. No information you provide us is taken or given to anyone without notification and consent. You can read the full Cookies Policy on our privacy policy.

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Coming Soon

A new gallery is in the works I’ve been working on it recently since the lost of our original gallery at dicapriophotos. I am rebuilding it all back and its not an easy task I have to rebuild all the thumbnails but our database has been preserved. It will all be back with the exception of our candids section. I decided that is not really what we are focusing on.

Also my staff will be returning Naty and Nicky. So welcome back guys missed you lots. I am happy to be back.

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Major Revamp

I’m gonna be turning this site in an archive but I am also gonna change it. Some stuff will be removed and images will be added as well. So be sure to visit and come back soon.

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DiCaprio Photos

Many times I have been thinking of closing this site, but its only because of our members that we are still here. You the fans have made this site exist for as long as it has. Because of you this site is celebrating its 18th Birthday this coming December. And like every December we need your help for our gallery. We will start collecting donations for our server. If you would like to help please donate before December 1st. You can make donations via this link:

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Interaction Section

The interaction section is done and you can now voice your thoughts on the following topics. Just visit this section.

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