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Site Fixes

Added some pages i forgot we had into the site. Interaction has been added to the visitors section the forms don’t work yet but I will get to that soon, on the old story list under media I added a list of the authors that submitted their stories to the site. On the Domain section I added the Photo Donation Credits. And finally I finished adding all the filmography in the Career section I will be adding more information to that as well.

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Restoring the Career Section

I have been updating the info on the career section, I have added from the pages we had and omitted the information that was outdated. So the career page has been updated will be adding more to it soon but you can see what we currently have in the menu above.

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New Staff for a New year

We’re gonna be looking for new staff in January here’s what we are looking for.

Icon maker– Make 5 icons a month in different sizes.

Animator– Someone that can make animated icons for our featured gif of the month

Photo researcher – I am mainly looking for someone to help with the photo gallery, which includes capping movies and tv shows in HD, finding photo shoots, magazine articles, public events, etc. Will need someone with image sources. No watermarked images.

Looking for someone with experience with coppermine and wordpress knowledge as well. Send your qualifications to

Tumblr Manager – We’re thinking of making a tumblr for our page if you got the know how on themeing we need you.

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Gallery Overhaul

Gonna be doing an overhaul in the gallery its a mess so gonna load pictures into their appropriate folders. There’s about over 1200 photos that are in the back-end but they aren’t in the gallery so I plan to fix it all. So if you see old events resurface that’s me fixing it.

Also a few users haven’t logged in, in three years so if that’s you those accounts were deleted. As you know users who keep their account active stay. So please login at least once a year. It keeps our database clean and runs faster for you.

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Fanlistings closed

I finally got confirmation that the following are closed so if your interested in getting it feel free to apply for them at Total Eclipse, Shutter Island, Revolutionary Road, Critters 3, Celebrity, Body of Lies and The Beach.

Here’s the ones I still currently own feel free to add your name to the list.

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Many thanks to dicaprihoes

I wanna thank dicaprihoes for pulling in the money for the server. Thanks to them we can remain online for another year. It’s because of fans like these that I am so thankful for. Thank you for helping us stay online and make sure to follow them on instagram.

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Affiliates Clean Up

I did a clean up of dead affiliates so most of it was removed due to no link backs or dead sites. I am gonna fix some things around here so I’ll be a bit more active and I do have photos to add. So new content will be put up. Also remember that we need to collect for our server for the gallery if you can help please send us a donation to

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Affiliate Clean Up

All dead links have been removed from the affiliates page. So if you were affiliated with us and your link has changed please give us your new link so we can add you back. Thanks.