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Anne Blair

A little about yourself and what got you into writing:

I first started creating stories around the time I learned to talk (only since I couldn’t write yet, I was a little drama queen and acted them out). I started writing stories when I was in first grade and finally learned how to put letters together to form words. I was first “published” in seventh grade when one of the stories I wrote for English class was put into a school publication by my English teacher. Since then, I have had several editorial letters published in the Press-Enterprise newspaper (the first when I was fourteen), have had a poem published in two anthologies, worked as an editor on the yearbook when I was a senior in high school, and wrote a short reader’s theater play titled “Looney”, which was performed on the stage at Mount San Jacinto College, San Jacinto Campus, in June of 1997 by two theater acquaintances. I am trying to write a publishable novel (or two or three or more) but so far haven’t finished one. I got into writing fan fiction 1998, about six months after I saw Titanic for the first time. I have mostly written Titanic Fan Fiction, but I have also written one fanfic based on a Shakespeare play, Ophelia’s Story, based on Hamlet. Elements of certain other movies, plays, and even poems and songs have crept into my work, too, including Batman and Robin, The Sixth Sense, Romeo and Juliet, Wilfred Owens’ poem Dulce et Decorum Est, and such songs as The Green, Green Grass of Home, A Journey of One, Maid of Constant Sorrows, The Wayfaring Stranger, Rhyme and Reason, and a number of other angst-filled tunes.

Stories- 30

Across the Stars
Colliding Destinies
Colors of the Wind
My Story After Titanic
Nobody Said Love Was Gonna Be Easy
Now & Forever
Present Tense
Rose and Jack: A New Life
Titanic: A Story Told
Until Angels Close My Eyes
Untitled Story
A California Rose
Class of 2000
Falling Stars
It Has to be You
Love By Chance
Love is more than a Feeling
Rose’s Sense
Runaway Rose
Seasons of Love
Cruel War
Quiet Ripples
The Door
The Handprint
The Lifeboat
The Longest Night
Together Forever


Cuppy Cake

About me: I live in England. I heard of heart of destiny about 1 year ago, being a huge fan of fan fiction sites, and I am now a very frequent visitor to the HOD network, in my opinion its one of the best sites out there, that and Anne’s Story Page. That’s brilliant as well. I wrote quite a few short ones, some I have not yet added, but will do shortly. I am in the process of writing my very first present time story which will be called Jack & Rose: teen Idol. My main story, which I want to complete soon, is called Jack & Rose: What If. I wrote another story but asked Marcie if she could get rid of it, due to the fact that I just lost interest and couldn’t think of anymore story lines.

Stories- 10

Jack and Rose: What If
Teen Idol
Boiler Room
True Love’s First Kiss
Unwilling to Leave Without You
I Love You
True Love
A Love Never Ending



Write a little about yourself:

Hello. I’m Chibi. Or Rae as my real life friends call me. I acting, write, direct, and am well
traveled. My best friend of 10 years is Naomi and my loving boyfriend of 2 years is Andrew. I have lived in all Canadian provinces west of Ontario and hope to move to Christchurch NZ for a few years. I love it there! Shay introduced me to the Titanic fandom and Anne helped me get my stories posted. Thank you and hi to Shay, Anne, Lisa, Marcie, Paola, Shannon, Anna, and Jen from Distant-Memories!

Chatroom Love



Website: Day Dreaming

A little about myself:

Hello! My name is Cristina and I’m Portuguese. I was born on a little Portuguese island called “Madeira”. I’m 18 years old and I just finished high school and I’ll go to college as soon as I can. I love to sing, dance, write song lyrics and stories, watch movies, design clothes and do it myself. I’m a big Christina Aguilera and Leonardo DiCaprio fan. They are both the reason I live. I love Christina since I first saw her on TV singing the song “Reflections” for the Mulan movie soundtrack and since then she’s my inspiration and her songs give me the strength I need to move on. Leo I just found out in the first time I saw Titanic at school. Since then that I love him.

I love to sing; especially Christina’s songs and I like to act to. I make some home videos, like music video clips and some movies scenes I love. I’ve done some scenes from Titanic, Romeo and Juliet and Pirates of the Caribbean: the curse of the black pearl. I would love one day to be a great actress and singer, but I don’t know if that will happen.

For now I think it’s all, and I hope you love my stories.

Stories– 7

Titanic II: a beautiful disaster
What a Girl Wants
A Night to Remember
Love Will Find a Way
These are the Special Times
Secret Love
Pure Shores



What got me interested in writing:

I’ve been interested in writing for as long as I can remember. I probably wrote my first story in elementary school, which id actually had made into a small book, though the title itself
I forget. I also wrote a story which was “published” and put into our local library for a writing class id taken. I haven’t really had anything published officially yet, though I’m currently working on a short story called “Ghost House”, which I am hoping to publish in the West Chester University literary magazine. I mostly write fan fiction, however, and a number of my stories can be found on . I write fan fiction for “Titanic” as well as other fandom’s including “Lord of the Rings”, “Harry Potter”, “Sleepy Hollow” and many more.

Stories- 7

Come What May
Everything Happens for a Reason
Love is Just Enough
Romanov Autumn
The Ship of Dreams
Miracles Happen



Website:  Dry Rain

Write a little about yourself:

Opinionated, free-spirited, creative, artistic, neurotic, and occasionally anal.  Often being compared to Monica Gellar Bing from the TV show Friends, lately being called Monica by friends.  What more do you need to know?  =)

Stories– 1

Where do We Go From Here?




About myself:

Well, I was born in Croatia (which is in Europe) and raised in New York. I was ten when I first saw Titanic, and since then, I have been a huge Leonardo DiCaprio fan. Kate Winslet is my favorite actors, and Titanic always will be my number one favorite movie. I collect movies from both Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet based. I own all of Leo’s movie so far, and plan to get more in the future. The same with Kate Winslet.

I have not begun writing until about two years ago. Marcie and Anne (from the Anne’s Story Page) were the ones that inspired me to write. Also, the movie itself. If it weren’t for James Cameron, I wouldn’t be a Leo fan, Kate fan, or a Titanic fan. And I wouldn’t be a writer. Writing is what I do on my spare time, and I love it. I even begun my very own Leo story.

I want to become a Kindergarten teacher when I graduate college in four years. I absolutely love children, and hope to have some of my own, someday. I would love to get married to the man of my dreams, wherever he may be. I am seeking for my very own Jack Dawson, and I hope that I will find him. Only, he’s gonna live.

I’m a hopeless romantic, and I enjoy watching sappy movies that make me cry. My favorite love stories are: Titanic, The Notebook, A Walk to Remember, Phantom of the Opera, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Moulin Rouge!

I’m a full blooded Croatian, and proud of it. I speak three languages (Croatian, English, Italian – in the order in which I have learned them) and I see myself as a friendly person.

Feel free to email me if you wish to review one of my stories. They’re greatly appreciated. Although, I have to admit, I haven’t updated some of them in a LONG time. My computer crashed a few times over the past two years, so I lost the stories, and wrote new ones. A Love That Never Fades is the only one I have completed so far.

Well, that’s all I have to say for now. This is a wonderful site, and I’m glad to be a part of it. Love ya, Marcie!

Stories– 3

A Love That Never Fades
Not without You


Janice Milstead

About Me:

After two score of years and three children, I finally decided to practice what I trained for in college…writing.  Despite some uncertainties and fears, a great friend of mine, let’s call her Mel…encouraged me to take up the pen and put all those fantasies and daydreams to paper.   Well, I did and I haven’t stopped yet.  I love EVERY minute of it by placing Leo/Jack and Kate/Rose in the midst of the memory images, I play out the scenes and stories as if they were on a huge screen.  Never had tried it before, but after I did…I became hooked.  Titanic has been a great life altering force in my life…as is fan fiction!  It’s given me lots of friends, an abundance of joy…and I’ve improved my skills just a tad! Thanks for posting my stories, Marcie on your wonderful site…HEART OF DESTINY

Stories– 3

Yesterday’s April
April In Rome
Rosedale in April


Jeanita Sheffey

Stories– 1

For Better or Worse




Lucy Middleton

from: Kent, England.

Love In The Spotlight is the only story I have written so far. I have been a Leo fan ever since I can remember, (it seems like forever, were does the time go). Leo first caught my attention, like everyone else in Titanic, since then I have been a loyal fan. I don’t just like him for his amazing good looks, but I also admire him for his ‘down to earth’ qualities and the things he has done to help this planet. Leo has made me think about what we as humans on this earth are doing to it and I now try to help in any way that I can. I am currently studying for my A levels at college and plan to become a nurse in the future. In my spare time I enjoy going to the movies and listening to music (my biggest love).

Stories– 1

Love in the spotlight


Marcie Lucas

About me:

Hi my name is Marcie Lucas and I run The Heart of Destiny. What I like about writing is that it let’s me create something totally different, something new. I have been a writer since Elementary school. I was about in 6th grade when I wrote my first story. It wasn’t great, but I got a B for it. Many years passed then I started writing fan fiction of my favorite shows. My first fan fiction when I got older was called The Mafia’s Daughter or Leena’s Turn which was based on the TV Show: SeaQuest DSV. I didn’t know what to call it at that time. I typed it out and wrote two versions of it. But I never put it online. Then I never wrote anything again till Titanic. That when my writing took off. My first story was There’s No Place Like Heaven and after that all the other you see before you. I live in Los Angeles, CA. and have lived here all my life. I have two kids one girl, one boy. And I have been in a serious relationship for about  8 years and have been ever since. I love to hear reviews about my writing. So if you wanna ask me something or you have a story idea. Let me know I might consider writing it.

Stories– 26
A Change for the Better
A Love Reborn in the Streets
An Unlikely Affair
Do You Only Wanna Dance
For the Love of a Woman
Indefinite Future
Just Between Friends
Lessons in Love
Mystic Idols
One Last Time
Rose’s Online Diary
Secret Agent Dawson: Bring Me Back to Life
The Fire Within
Where do we go from here?– Co- Writer


Encounter with Destiny
My Guardian Angel
Secret Agent Dawson
Secrets of the Past
Strangers in the Night
Sweet Innocence
The Fourth
There’s no place like Heaven
A New World– Short Story
A Twisted Life– Short Story
A Quick Glance– Poetry


Michelle V.

I really started to write when I was 13, before I found HOD. When I found HOD I thought how cool, Fan fic. so I decided to write stories based on some ideas of my favorite movie Titanic. Like In my story What do the stars say? I used that Jack was a star gazer from Titanic. I just think of the movie’s main idea of love and I write. I also like writing poetry and most recently won a poetry contest. I also write songs for my brother in law who is trying to become a singer. I love to write stories, I also get inspired by love songs and that is why I put lyrics next to my stories. They are lyrics that help me out. Anyway I hope you enjoy my stories.

Stories– 3
Feelings in the Spotlight
Pictures and Memories
When Angels Cry



Stories Submitted to HOD.Com– 1

Dreaming of You


Shannon Harris

Stories– 2

Titanic’s Gala
Never Let Go



What got me into writing: After having read Marcie’s ‘An Unlikely Affair’ and some other Leo/Tobey related fanfics, I went to search for more. I became totally hooked on them. A little while ago, I decided to try and write a Leo/Tobey related fanfic myself. I’ve had great fun writing the first few chapters and I’m sure I’ll have while writing the rest of the story(s). I’ve always been into writing. I find it a great outlet for my imagination and fantasies. With writing these fanfics, I want to exercise my writing (as well as my English since it’s not my native language) and to let others have a good read and as much fun reading fanfics as I have by reading someone elses fanfics.

Stories– 1

True Love Never Dies



A little about yourself and what got you into writing:

I was born December 19th, (titanic came out on my 11th birthday), in New York City. I currently live in Brooklyn with my mom, step dad and my sister. I have another sister and an older brother. I just graduated form an all girls high school and will be entering my first year of college in September. I enjoy writing poetry and listening to music. My favorite band is Lifehouse and Nirvana. I don’t know exactly what got me into writing but I got interested in fanfiction a year ago. I decided on writing my own after coming across several stories that sounded all the same. I had a different vision of what everyone was writing.

Stories– 3

3 Guys, a Girl and a Rose
Somewhere in Between