By: Shannon Noel Harris

I was boarding Titanic with my beloved Jack.

We were happy to be leaving SOUTHAMPTON with nothing to hold us back.

This ship was to be the ship pf dreams.

Everyone thought it would as it seems.

We waved goodbye as Titanic was LEAVING PORT.

We even waved goodbye to my royal court.

The ship blew her whistle at 12 o'clock.

Captain Smith shouted, "TAKE HER TO SEA, MR. MURDOCH!"

We gave our tickets to the collector and I thought, "This is very neat."

We were the only passnegers aboard to purchase the best TITANIC SUITE.

Some of the passnegers were very nice.

Verily nice were John Jacob Astor and his delicate wife.

We settled in our suite and started unpacking our stuff.

Jack gave me a smile and said, "I think this is quite enough."

I was reading my book while Jack was winning big bucks.

A friend of mine said, "You're very fortunate with JACK DAWSON'S LUCK."

The very next day I saw a drunk man pass.

He turned to me and said, "I'm going to AN IRISH PARTY IN THIRD CLASS."

Dinner was being served in the first-class dining saloon.

Me and Jack got ready so we could get there soon.

That evening for dinner, Jack gave me a rose.

I figured he would remember the right color he chose.

After dinner, we payed for our check.

Then we decided to take a walk on the boat deck.

It was such a beautfiul night as we walked hand-in-hand.

We heard the orchestra playing "ALEXANDER'S RAGTIMR BAND."

The very last day we went to go sing.

The only song we sung was "COME JOSEPHINE IN MY FLYING MACHINE."

That night we kissed and the ship started to rumble.

I started to feel dizzy as my stomach began to tumble.

Jack was really shaken and said, "This is absurd!"

He heard someone shout, "We've striked an iceberg!"

Passengers were screaming with A BUILDING PANIC.

I told my husband, "This could be the DEATH OF TITANIC."

The captian ordered the band to play A HYMN TO THE SEA.

They chose to play "NEARER MY GOD TO THEE."

It was a tome of sadness for the women and men.

They all knew that this was coming to an end.

The lifeboats were filling up mighty fast.

Most of the passengers would hopefully put all this in the past.

I was finally escorted into one of the boats.

Others were using deck chairs for floats.

I kept pleading the officer to let my Jack in.

He shouted at me and said, "Absolutely no men!"

I started to cry as the boat started to lower.

I looked up at my Jack and said, "This is finally over."

I finally stood up and climbed back on the ship.

I was hauling myself up with a pain in my hip.

Jack was running to be closer to me.

I, too, was running as fast as could be.

Jack held me and asked, "Why did you do that? Why?"

I answered back, "You jump, I jump, right?"

As Titanic was plunging to her watery grave.

We were thinking to ourselves, "Are we ever going to be saved?"

THE SINKING was devastating for everyone on here.

They were all praying alous and holding those that were dear.

We held our breath and took a jump.

We hoped that we didn't hit and bump.

As the ship disappeared under the ocean.

A whole lot of people in the water were creating a commotion.

The water was freezing ice, ice cold.

The stars were shining above like a pot of gold.

I managed to scramble onto a board.

Jack couldn't fit on it and he said, "Oh, my Lord!"

I looked at my husband and said, "I love you, Jack."

Jack grabbed my hands and said, "Don't you do that."

He made promise to don't lose hope and survive.

I told him that I promise to go on with my life.

An hour later, I saw a lifeboat.

I turned to Jack and said, "Come on, let's go."

I kept on nudging him, but he would not wake.

I said, "Jack, please wake up," as I started to shake.

I finally decided to let him drown.

I felt he had to go on down.

As the lifeboat approached me, I went with a flow.

I said one last good-bye to my beloved Jack and said, "I'll never let go!"1