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SLD celebrates 23 years online

It been a long time, when I first started this site it was based on Titanic and over time it was a feeding ground for Leo lovers. I faced closure two years ago. But fans stills visit this site and I thank you for still visiting. I’ve seen a lot of Leo sites in the years past. But ours remained. While I really want to close it. I don’t think this site is done yet. Maybe I’ll just wait till its 25th year anniversary. I’ll try and post more updates.

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End of an Era

This may possibly be the last year of this site being open. Naty and Nicky are no longer around and to be honest the site is mostly dead. Not sure how many are interested in this site anymore. So it may be faced with closing. Since Leo rarely acts and now focuses on producing. I’ve own this site for 23 years. Met a lot of people and a lot of people have moved on. So where does that led us? Closure.

Thanks to all the loyal fans for staying with us all these years.

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Gallery Revamp

Working on a gallery revamp for Appearances. All albums are getting a makeover and an update. New and updated photos will be added. So be on the look out for new stuff. 🙂

Oh also new pics were added too.

Environment > 2021 > November 2 | Climate COP26

Movies > This Boy’s Life (1993) > Premieres > Los Angeles

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Film Portfolio

Years ago I had a Film Portfolio of Leo’s career and that was all the way back in 2007. Anyways I’ve been relooking at the site and a lot of the information I had was put on hold. I plan on bringing that info back into the site. I put it off for a long time. For those of you that are long time Leo fans, you may remember that. Here’s a capture of the site’s last layout. More info to come.

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Gallery Domain Change

Come March, the gallery will change domain names from to its original reason for this is that extension cost a lot more then .com. So that’s mainly the reason for the change. More updates soon.

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Our twitter account has been suspended, but we still have our facebook account. So I just wanted to let you know that it will not be updated.

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Celebrating 22 years online

Many thanks to all of you visitors for coming to our site. Its been 22 years that we’ve been online. It’s been a pleasure being your Leo source for news, photos and so much more. I have added some new and old images for you to view. So enjoy.

Appearances / Other Events / 2021 / December 1 | A Special Evening Hosted By Sean Penn To Benefit Core

Environment / 2021 / November 2 | Climate COP26