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Academy Awards Nominations for Wolf of Wall Street and Great Gatsby

CONGRATULATIONS to The Wolf of Wall Street for 5 Academy Award nominations including Best Picture!


BEST ACTOR in a Leading Role – Leonardo DiCaprio
BEST ACTOR in a Supporting Role – Jonah Hill
BEST DIRECTOR – Martin Scorsese

Also up for nominations is The Great Gatsby for

Achievement in production design
“The Great Gatsby” Production Design: Catherine Martin; Set Decoration: Beverley Dunn

Achievement in costume design
“The Great Gatsby” Catherine Martin

Beyond the Trailer survey

Grace Randolph (host of beyond the trailer on youtube) is doing a survey of the best movies of 2013. The Great Gatsby and the Wolf of the Wallstreet are of course the films from this year. Click on this link to vote for Leo’s films. you have until January 2nd 2014 to vote.

Thanks to sarah for the alert.

Winner of the Gatsby Giveaway

Congratulations to Nina on the winner of the Gatsby Giveaway


The Great Gatsby Contest Giveaway


We’re giving away a free Blu-Ray DVD of the Great Gatsby. To enter you must be a US Resident and do one of the following.

Make a graphic on the Great Gatsby- Icons, banners, wallpapers. Anything you can make Or if you can’t make a graphic, tell us your favorite scene and why with details. Be creative.

Image size is your choice as long as it is in .jpg

Everything must be submitted to me at the following email address no later than September 7. Email it to


If you have any questions please submit it to me.

Great Gatsby Blu-Ray Captures


Thanks to Romina for donating 974 Blu-Ray Captures to the site. They are complete so for now you can view what she has sent us. She’s done us a big help for donating these to us and I thank her very much for them. Thank you, Romina.


The Gatsby Blu-Ray Release

Thanks to Warner, they have sent us some goodies to show you.  So I ask you what’s it take to be Jay Gatsby? Below is an infographic on the times from then and now, just click on the graphic to view the full graphic.


And as we celebrate the release of the Gatsby Blu-Ray down below you can view video from the Director and The Costume and Production Designer.

• Interview with Director Baz Lurhmann – View
• Interview with Production Designer and Costume Designer Catherine Martin – View


Make sure to Own “The Great Gatsby” on Blu-ray Combo Pack and HD Digital Download Now!


The Great Gatsby Blu-Ray Review

My apologies I was suppose to write this yesterday. So here is my review of the Great Gatsby Blu-Ray DVD Set

First, when viewing the Blu-Ray 2 Disc DVD set. The movie I had seen before, but the Blu-Ray quality is amazing. It sort of has a 3D effect to it. This is a truly must have DVD for any Leo fan. What amazed me most about it was the beautiful colors it possessed Leo and Tobey’s eyes lit up in the film and what made it more interesting was all the extra’s it possessed like a extra book if you will to the movie. There is ton’s of information about the Great Gatsby from costumes to jewelry, landscape and so much more. The part I loved the most was when they gave Tobey a camera to view everyone from the set and at times he was acting goofy, but he also made you laugh.Tobey showing us everyone on set explained a little bit about what everyone was doing even though some didn’t know what they were doing that day and Tobey mentioned a personal joke between him and Leo which was quite interesting to me. Actor’s rarely show their interaction with other actor’s they are friends with but whatever the reason was that kept him and Leo laughing in the scene they were filming it would have been nice to see it. There was so much research done on the film and Baz telling of how he prepared and got everything together was just amazing. I really enjoyed viewing this and I know you will too. One of the disc is presented in black and the other silver. As usually with any DVD set they include a digital download.

The list of special features is written down below. Don’t forget to buy your copy on August 27th.

The Greatness of Gatsby – From Novel to Silver Screen (Baz’s Journey)
“Within and Without” with Tobey Maguire
The Swinging sounds of Gatsby – Music and how it was brought together
Deleted Scenes with Alternate Ending
The Jazz Age
Razzle Dazzle: The fashion of the 1920’s
Fitzgerald’s Visual Poetry
Gatsby Revealed- actor’s workshops and the creative process into memorable scenes
1926 The Great Gatsby Trailer

Leo VS Gatsby