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New Graphic by Kamal

Kamal made a awesome new graphic I love it.

By Kamal

You can view the graphic at the Museum at LD Fandom I also have icons to add thanks to Nicky and her forum. So I’ll be adding those in a sec.

36 new icons + 5 new banners and Animations thanks to Rosy, Tina, Mara, Ale, Claudia, Guilia and Nicky from the Leonardo DiCaprio Italy Forum.

All new icons can be viewed here. Banners and Animations here.

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Site Down is currently offline, I don’t know when it will be back, as I haven’t spoken to Vanessa in months. But if it doesn’t come back I’ll be sure to put it up here. I do currently have most of the fan art still up in case a thing like this happened so you can go here.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Library

I’ve added some more of the stories we had here at Leonardo DiCaprio Fandom. I need to post 49 more. It seems we have somewhere between 100 and 114 stories total. So if any of you would like to post your own feel free. We’re always looking for new stories to read.

I posted chapter 39 to An Unlikely Affair.

Added Cristina’s 2011 Calendar @ LDF
Added 2 photos to the Building the Titanic Model thanks to DiCakylar
New Icons donated by Karol, Lisa, Rosy and Tina from LD Italy Forum‘s Inception Contest

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If we save the tigers, we’ll save the planet

By Leonardo DiCaprio and Carter S. Roberts
Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tigers have long provoked awe in the human imagination, becoming symbols of untamed nature whose “fearful symmetry,” in the words of William Blake, has inspired everything from art to advertising. In the wild, however, tigers are on the verge of disappearing.

A century ago, some 100,000 tigers roamed the wilderness across much of Asia. But 100 years of human overhunting of tigers’ prey, such as deer and wild pigs, and of poaching driven by demand for tigers’ skins and other body parts has been catastrophic. As few as 3,200 tigers remain, living in only 7 percent of their original natural habitat.

Source: Washington Post

Site Updates

New graphics by Sandra (3 banners and 1 Wallpaper) & Neila (5 Icons)
Chapter 16 to Dare to Love posted @ the Library

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New Layout

I decided to make a new layout because the other one was only temporary. I hope you like this one.  Elli made a birthday wallpaper so i put it up at LDFandom

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New Story

I’ve written my first new story at called Love Lessons, thanks to Vanessa for all her hard work. The new story is of adult content, so you will have to login to read it. I put up the first 5 chapters. I am almost close to finishing up Mystic Idols. I need a few more chapters then I am done.

All Stories will eventually be transferred there so if you have a story you can submit it yourself at The Library.

Also I’ll be starting our 2nd Birthday Project for Leo’s 36th Birthday so if you have any ideas or suggestions please let me know. I am open to any and all suggestions.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Fandom

Simply Leonardo is welcoming its new staff member Vanessa. She will be organizing our fandom section of our site. She has gladly let us borrow her server space as this site is already on three different servers alone.  She will be organizing a section that will hopefully get the fans involved and spread more Leo love to others.

Here’s what’s to come:


  • ENTRANCE: Latest Updates & Events
  • HALL: Awards Shows, Hall of Fame, & Point System.
  • LIBRARY: Fanfiction – (You’ll be able to submit your own fan fiction.)
  • MUSEUM: Fan Art
  • THEATRE: Fan Videos
  • NETWORK: Other Fansites, Blogs, Social Networks… so on