Category: Fan Art

New Icon Archive

Icons are being transferred from the Fan Art Gallery to the website. You can view them all here. I am still working on the movies section so it should be up later on.

Icon Archive

DiCaprio Fan Art Section Reopened

I finally put back the fan art section and made a new layout for it as well I added a couple of wallpapers and graphics submitted by some of my dear friends. Just click on the image to go to the site. I also added more photos from the Golden Globes and etc so check out our image gallery as well.



New Wallpaper

A friend of mine made this and said I could post it here for you.


New Wallpaper

Thanks to my friend Adair, she made this and I loved it so thanks to her for making this.


New Wallpaper

My very dear friend Adair, made this for SLD. She hopes you like it.


New Wallpaper

It’s been a while since I made something on Leo. So I hope you like it.


New Wallpaper

Thanks to Wessam for sending this in. A New Wallpaper of Leo.

Chrome Themes

I asked people a while back if they were interested in Google Chrome Themes, well I made my first. If you guys like them, I’ll make more. I’m making the themes 1680×1050, if you need a different screen size please let me know. Click on the image to install the theme on your Google Chrome Browser.