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New Layout, New Month

This is a different theme than I normally do.  I finally got to doing the pic of the month for September. I was a little behind in October that’s why there was no potm to pick, but I made it for November. I’ll probably start making the birthday project for Leo starting today.  I posted several new pics thanks to Andreina for them. I got one new Calendar for November from Jane.

Nicky sent me 438 icons, I will be posting some of these today. Thanks to Nicky we have 1167 icons.

The Following have been updated:

Celebrity – 1
Don’s Plum – 12
Inception – 74
Marvin’s Room – 8
Revolutionary Road – 5
Shutter Island – 43
Photoshoot – 11
Romeo & Juliet – 4
Aviator – 1
The Beach – 1
The Departed – 12
Titanic – 21
What’s eating Gilbert Grape – 10

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Vintage Candids and Inception Sequel?

It’s no secret that Christopher Nolan’s Inception was a worldwide phenomenon. Hell, it’s still being parodied by the likes of South Park. Recent news suggests, however, that Warner Bros. is itching to add to the lucrative box office run of the sci-fi/fantasy/action epic – by making a sequel. No, seriously. Australian site What’s Playing recently broke the news that the studio has expressed interest in a sequel, but that the decision would fall squarely – we hope – on Nolan’s shoulders.

Nolan clearly enjoyed the experience of making the film and has recently stated plans to develop a video game based on the concept of Inception. However, aside from a couple of prequel comics, which further add to the story of master “extractor” Dom Cobb, there really isn’t a logical way to further explore the world of Inception on the big screen without marring the original. All of this sounds quite absurd, but it does beg the question of just how far a Hollywood studio will go to make money. Hit the jump for more mind bending talk.

Source: Collider

Site Updates

I recently asked a few people to help me find vintage candid photos of Leo.  So thanks to the recent submissions goes to Jenni, Archer, Nicky, Andreina, and DiCakylar.

Also Feyza submitted 14 new icons, you can view those here: Feyza icons.
Wessam also created some fantastic graphics.  His icon is Here under photoshoots. His Signature located on the left sidebar.

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Come September the new rules will be enforced. So with that the gallery will go down for the changes on August 31 to September 1. It will be back by September 2.

Inception Fan Art- Thanks to Ashley Mullins she created 20 Inception graphics. 17 Inception premiere Icons and 3 banners which are previewed on the left sidebar.

Also the Film Portfolio is gonna be integrated into the main site. I’ve thought it was time for it and so the Leo section will be modified and updated as well.

The gallery has been updated with lots of new additions. Too many to name. We also need more entries at our livejournal. So please send in those entries.

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New Scans

Accion August 2010 thanks to Dicakylar
Fotogramas thanks to Eve
Imagenes thanks to Eve
Misc pics thanks to Jenni and Brittnie

New Icons thanks to Andrea, Kelly, Jeannette and Tamara J

New Calendars thanks to Lígia Dias and Michelle, they have been posted in the FanArt section.

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New Staff Member

We have one new staff member her name is Fabiola she is one of our newest graphic artist. She has created for us, 3 new icons and 1 wallpaper.

Her wallpaper you can find in the fan art section under wallpapers on page 6 and her icons can be viewed at our icon section under the Just Leo category and they are the first three icons.

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Latest Updates

Recent news shows Leo and Bar at Yesterday’s Lakers game: Oklahoma City Thunder v Los Angeles Lakers, Game 5. You can read more here.

Thanks to Leah, I posted her newest drawing of Leo in the Fan Art Section under Drawings. Thank you Leah.
Two replies to “You know your Obsessed when………”
A New Inception poster has come up from playing the mind game at the official website. You can see the new poster here.