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Main Gallery Update

Main Gallery

17 photos donated by Shadi
3 scans donated by Kristy
2 scans donated by Mag
Candids: June 13, 2009 – Pinches Tacos in West Hollywood
2 Black and White Growing Pains Promo pics
Interviews section re-added
6 pics from Candids: September 19, 2006- Leonardo shopping at Lacoste
Re-upload of Candids: Leo and Gisele in Beverly Hills May 4, 2004
5 NW Magazine Scans
12 unknown Leo and Gisele Magazine scans
2 from 2006 canids: Leo and Bar in Greece

Fan Art

1 fan artwork created by Elli


Don’t Vote Spoof

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News on the Image Galleries

As I work on the Captures Gallery, I forgot to mention that I added 240 Captures of the Shutter Island Trailer. I do have current pics to add to the main gallery. So don’t think I totally abandoned it.

I posted two fan arts 1 calendar created by Monica S. and the other Blend created by Lígia Dias

I would also like to invite you to register at our tv network where all our videos will be posted. I encourage you to register and post your comments.

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Finished Body of Lies Screen Captures, Deleted Scenes, and Making of

Added –

3 graphics made by Catique to the Fan Art Gallery
6 pics donated by Shadi – to the gallery
9 pics donated by Mimi- to the gallery

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New Features

Added two sections on the sidebars: 1 rss feed for the News Center and on the right a section for the Forum statistics and welcoming new members.

I also changed registrations back to email format cause no one was following the rules so the only way to register is by email again.

Added 40 pieces of Fan Art  thanks to Carolina.

Added new pics to the gallery: Screen Captures of a live premiere from the Blood Diamond taken by HollyP. ,  A fan photo donated by Olivia Jarrett.

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20 Revolutionary Road Icons donated by °Arisparrow° From LDC Italy Contest

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New Scans

Since Peggy asked me to remove her scans, I replaced the empty categories with my own scans.

46 new scans from:

Teen Beat
Teen Dream
Tiger Beat
Tutti Frutti

91 Icons added to the Fan Art Section thanks to Nicky from her, “Show me the Movie” contest.
Winners: ;Summer. | ~ Benny |  {Ale ~
Participate: Sophie27

Thanks to Nicky and all her participants for contributing their icons.

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More Fan Art

I added more Fan Art to the Fan Art Section

Added works from: Elli, Jenna, Nora, Shahin, Nicky, Ilaria.

Thanks to everyone that submitted their artwork. 🙂