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New Candids

I added some new candids of Leo bike riding in New York with Blake, as for other things. I sent off the stickers to the people that wanted them thank you Tracey for your email and your welcome for the extra clipping of Leo that I sent you.  I got some new graphics from Wessam (2 icons and 1 siggy) who submitted them via facebook. Umm its been kinda bleak lately without any updates, but once Leo starts filming again I am sure the site will start rolling again, but till then this is what we got!

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Fan Art

I posted some fan art that was sent in by Elli and Kamal. They did some spectacular work which has been posted here: Multimedia. I also added my drawings of Leo that I did a while back.

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What’s new?

Added 4 scans from Public and Showbiz thanks to Mag. 1 new graphics thanks to Elli, which can be viewed here.

I cleaned out a few things, mostly spam registrations. So for now registration is closed. If you really want to become part of the gallery just email me with a username, email address and your password, and maybe a small sentence why you’d like access.

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New pics

5 New pics from The Blood Diamond and 5 Candids from New York, Leo visiting Gerard Butler at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre. Two new graphics have been added thanks to Kamal.

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Time for some updates

I’ve been kinda off lately not with my health, but wondering when Leo is gonna pop up. It’s been kinda weird for the last few months. But thanks to you guys for submitting graphics and pictures. The Media Center has been updated with a new layout thanks to Never Enough Design. It’s been upgraded as well. A new wallpaper was submitted thanks to Kamal of Leo and Bar. Much more to come soon.

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New Graphic by Kamal

Kamal made a awesome new graphic I love it.

By Kamal

You can view the graphic at the Museum at LD Fandom I also have icons to add thanks to Nicky and her forum. So I’ll be adding those in a sec.

36 new icons + 5 new banners and Animations thanks to Rosy, Tina, Mara, Ale, Claudia, Guilia and Nicky from the Leonardo DiCaprio Italy Forum.

All new icons can be viewed here. Banners and Animations here.