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Happy 36th Birthday Leo!

I wanted to do something special for Leo’s birthday unfortunately I was working on a few things with other people. But I did create something I think you will love. I created a special calendar you can use to remember the days and use if you want to remember Thanksgiving. I am currently working on more, you’ll have to give me time. But I think you will love these graphics I created just for you to help celebrate the man we all love and adore.

I also created two new signatures for you to use on forums. They have been posted @ The Museum. Wessam also sent me another interview from London Inception Premiere, go to  MBC to view it.

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New Story

I’ve written my first new story at called Love Lessons, thanks to Vanessa for all her hard work. The new story is of adult content, so you will have to login to read it. I put up the first 5 chapters. I am almost close to finishing up Mystic Idols. I need a few more chapters then I am done.

All Stories will eventually be transferred there so if you have a story you can submit it yourself at The Library.

Also I’ll be starting our 2nd Birthday Project for Leo’s 36th Birthday so if you have any ideas or suggestions please let me know. I am open to any and all suggestions.

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Happy Birthday Leonardo DiCaprio

Thanks to everyone that participated in Simply Leonardo 1st Birthday Project for Leonardo DiCaprio’s 35th Birthday. If you would like to view our birthday project you can view it here: Our Leo Birthday Tribute

Thanks to the members of LDC Italy for also participating in our project.

I am still accepting banners and graphics for the birthday project so don’t worry if it is late. I just got two from Sabrina and Yasmin.

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Graphics sent in by Shadi, Elli and Lisa.
Thanks to Shadi, Disusan, Dicakylar and Elli for participating in Leo’s 35th Birthday Project so far. We have 5 more days til Leo’s birthday.

Last picture updates thanks to Willy, Shadi, Jenni, Amber Kahler, Camila and Monica. If I forgot anyone I apologize.

I made 6 new icons they are listed in the fanart gallery.