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Gallery News

The Captures Gallery is almost complete.  I got 5 movies to finish then I will be done.

As for the main gallery, I deleted all the Movie Screen Captures out of it and transferred them to the Captures gallery.

Adding soon:

3 scans thanks to Kristy
1 fan artwork created by Elli
2 scans thanks to Magali

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News on the Image Galleries

As I work on the Captures Gallery, I forgot to mention that I added 240 Captures of the Shutter Island Trailer. I do have current pics to add to the main gallery. So don’t think I totally abandoned it.

I posted two fan arts 1 calendar created by Monica S. and the other Blend created by Lígia Dias

I would also like to invite you to register at our tv network where all our videos will be posted. I encourage you to register and post your comments.

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Gallery Notice

Some of you might be wondering why the pictures in the main gallery seem to be disappearing. That’s cause I am working on a gallery split.

“What does this mean for you?” It means that I am taking away all the captures and putting them into one place.

Which anyone will be able to visit, by self-registration. This will be useful for all graphic makers for icons and such. Depending what you guys do with them.

As of now, I am transferring all captures to this location: DiCaprio Photos Captures

I am not finished cause this is a big project I am working on, and its on a temporary layout so I will Leolize it when I have the time. :u