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Last Additions to the Captures Gallery:

Revolutionary Road Captures Completed. Thanks to Cristina for the help.

Last Additions to the Main Gallery:

– TV Film
– Japan GQ
– 1 scan donated by Willy from Break Out

Updated some pages:

Leonardo’s Biography
Leonardo’s Filmography
Added a Job form. We are always looking for new Staff.

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Gallery Updates

Main Gallery
– Premiere scans donated by Magali
– Studio scans donated by Magali
– More Miscellaneous Shoots from 1990’s

Captures Gallery
– Scenes 15, 16, and 17 to Revolutionary Road

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Well I have been working around the site. Done some revamps on layouts and etc.

Thanks to Cristina she is helping me finish the Revolutionary Road Captures. So I added Scene 13 and 14.
I made a new forum layout. Hope you like it.
I also am almost finished with the gallery.
I finished reading Shutter Island. (Loved it!)

The Gallery is almost complete still working on:


To come:

Shutter Island related Graphics
Calendar for August
Picking out a fan of the month for August.

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Added Revolutionary Road captures from Scene 5 to 12.

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Right now I am working on several new things, upgrades.

I fixed the main gallery theme, that light color was hard to see and I upgraded the Hebrew language file. (finished)
Will also be doing fixes for the Captures and Fan Art Galleries. (finished)
Working on a new layout too. (finished)

I also wanna thank Disusan, Diane B., Sasha and  Ivana for their help. I could have not done it without you. Your gift will be waiting for you. You know where. 😉

The Captures gallery currently needs a new theme so I will be working on that later.

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To enter, simply cast your vote for your favorite romantic travel movie from the list found on our contest page, then tell us why the movie touched your heart. A selection of entrants’ comments will appear in the Romance Hall of Fame. One winner, chosen at random from all entries received by 11:59 p.m. on July 31, 2009, will receive the romantic travel movie of their choice. The contest is open to fans worldwide. You can vote once per day.

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Gallery Updates

Main Gallery
2 Unknown scans donated by Magali
1 scan from studio donated by Magali
7 scans from cinelive donated by Magali
1 fan photo donated by Cristina
1 vanity fair scan from Rossella
2 Aviator pics donated by isidora

Captures Gallery
Added the Last scene of DP thanks to Cristina for all her hard work.
Revolutionary Road Scene 3 and 4.

Fan Art Gallery
2 graphics submitted by Paloma
2 graphics submitted by Padma

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Captures Gallery

The Departed and The Blood Diamond are now complete. I’ll be working on Revolutionary Road Captures later this week.

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DiCaprio Captures

The Captures Gallery is almost complete, I added all movies except The Departed and The Blood Diamond. Which I am currently working on.

I also made a new layout for the gallery so I hope it is user friendly for all. I changed registration, cause some of you complained that you couldn’t
login so I made it admin approval so I can active your account after you register. If you don’t receive your activation at all it may be in your junk or spam folder so check those first before contacting me.

Main Gallery Updates

2006 Candids: June 21 – Leo and Bar at a Los Angeles Cafe
2000 shoots (samples)
2000’s and 1990’s shoots donated by Mimi