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66 captures of Face to Face Interview Thanks to Sophie

Empire March 2010 Thanks to Barby
Premiere Feb 2010 Thanks to Barby
Body of Lies Press Conference Replaced
Candids – March 5
Beach- Stills, Poster
Interviews- Jet Set
Golden Globes 2010
1 Fan Photo
Commericials – Toyota
Leonardo – Caricatures
Leonardo Friends- Leo and Tobey

Fan Art

5 Pieces of Fan Art added- Leah, Molly, Kay, Antonella, Victor

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Gallery Updates

4 more captures of Le Grand Journal Interview
Esquire March 2010 scans
Nick scans donated by Nicky and Barby
New Tag Heuer Pics added
Candids > Leo at Ciampino airport in Rome, Italy

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Gallery Update

132 New Pics added to:

Gangs of New York
Inception Set: Malibu
Romeo and Juliet
Revolutionary Road
Quick and the Dead
Marvin’s Room
The Man in the Iron Mask
What’s eating Gilbert Grape

Captures – The Beach Interview

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New Captures


188 Captures of Trailer 2 Shutter Island.
Big thanks to Jenni for all the 126 recent Leo and Gisele Candid Pics
1 pic donated by Willy
Cover of Adam Online Slovakia
Red Rock West
MTV Rock N’ Jock B-Ball Pediatric AIDS Foundation
2003 Golden Globes Party
Aviator Q&A
MPA Award to Sean Connery

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DiCaprio Captures

Due to a lot of spam registerations, I turned off registeration for DiCaprio Captures. It was aggrevating deleting a lot of spam so I just turned it off. Stupid Spam bots!  😈

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Captures Update

Added 66 Captures of Inception.
Added 9 scans donated by Eve Hewson. Thank you Eve!