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Gallery Update

Thanks to Cristina (Dicakylar) for uploading the screen captures of the J. Edgar Trailer, J Edgar TV Spot captures she is also planning to upload and finishing the first part of the Inception Screen Captures I haven’t done. I’ll be doing the second half.  I am truly sorry I haven’t updated much, I’ve been busy with family and other projects as some of you may know I not only run this site, but several others as well. For the past year, I have been spending all my time working on promoting The Woman in Black for CBS films which comes in February 3, 2012.

I have not forgotten Leo, I just needed a break since I’ve been doing this for over ten years in fact in December we celebrate 12 years since this site has begun. It’s truly remarkable I never thought I would keep up a site this long. But for all those who have helped in a very big way and those who have supported the site, I thank you very much.  I am gonna make a new layout very soon. So expect that and a gallery change. 🙂


  1. Just discovered this fantastic website. Thank you for all your hard work! 🙂

  2. Congrats Marcie, you deserve a break, you keep this site for so long it’s just amazing.

  3. Always appreciate the hard work and dedication you put into this site, Marcie! Keep up the awesome job!

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