Gallery Update

I made a temporary theme for the gallery, cause i was using an old layout before. I made an entry at DiCaprio Obsession you guys might wanna read it. I will be making the new layout cause my husband will be getting his computer fixed today so i should have my computer all to myself by the weekend. So I am a little behind.

Gallery Notice

The gallery is back online for now, but I am not allowing any new members for now. Until I find whoever harassed my friend, I am gonna watch everything. Diane will not be working with us anymore. I deleted her account along with the pics she posted. She was hurt by what you guys said to her about her pics. I haven’t had the chance to make a new layout cause I had to share my computer with my husband cause his computer died. So maybe by this weekend.


It appears that all the posts from March were deleted by the script auto-archiving. I sadly couldn’t repost everything that was posted for March. So if you wrote me a message I didn’t get it. Also someone was very rude to a friend of mine so for that no more gallery. I am totally pissed.