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Registeration is now open, since I updated the gallery script. I feel it is okay to open registeration. But remember your account has to be approved by me, first before you can login. Remember to fill in everything.{nl}On another note, DiCaprio Obsession is fully open now. I fixed everything that needed to be fixed.{nl} 


  1. Leonardo you are my favorite movie star ever 🙂 i love that you care so much about saving the planet 🙂 I wish more people would help you in saving the planet I want to save it to keep up the good work id love to meet you in person to tell you how much I love you and what a amazon guy you are trying to help the earth and helping other contries that have nothing someday id love to meet you in person to tell you how much I love you and what I love that your saving the world I to would love to help you save the world to your biggest fan always Allie good luck I know you will be able to save the world 🙂 I believe in you

  2. Hey, I just tried to register for the gallery and it said "Currently offline" – will it be working later on?

  3. Well, what can I say, Marcie!! The gallery is shaping up just fine. The only problem for me is that the print is very small and the heading colors are very dark. I have to put the mouse over the heading for the heading to appear. The pictures are terrific and there are a lot of new ones, too. It's apparent there's a lot of work going on here!!! Take good care, Marcie.

  4. Hi, Marcie, Thanks for the update. Will be checking it out soon. Can't wait!!

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