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Leo goes back to filming

The film is being made the Fox Studios Australia and the grounds of the abandoned White Bay power station, which overlooks the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Leo has been back and forth to the U.S, over the past few months as he films the movie.

The pair were pictured talking in a vintage blue car as they shot scenes for the film adaptation of the F Scott Fitzgerald novel by of the same name. Leo plays Jay Gatsby, a mysterious millionaire who becomes obsessed with Carey’s character Daisy Buchanan, who he met while a young officer in World War I. The actor’s long-time friend Tobey Maguire was also spotted on set, looking very tired as he let out a massive yawn. He plays Nick Carraway, who is drawn into Gatsby’s lavish world.



  1. This may not be the forum for this, but I thought I’d give it a try. My son is handicaped and has not had much of a life in his 42 years. His only interest is watching movies. He loves ANY movie that Leonardo DiCaprio plays in. He has EVERY one and watches them constantly. Leo is like his idol. I would give everything I own if he could meet Leo just once in his lifetime. I know that this is probably impossible, but I had to try. You have my email address if, by some mirracle, this could be arranged. Thank you Leo for giving my son so much enjoyment and something to live for. From everything I have read, you are as wonderful a person as you are an actor. Kathy Jones

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