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AMC Interview

AMC is playing clips of interviews they did with Leo and Marty for Shutter Island, you can view those online. Here.

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Latest Updates

Roberta of KWF donated a video from a show called Fantastico. Its down below.

Fan Art Update:

2 animations and 2 banners made by Andreina

Contact Me
If your email address is this please contact me. I couldn’t send you a reply to that email address.

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Gallery Update

New Pics from October 26 – Inception
A few donated pics by Jenni
October 25 – Candids
In total – 43 new pics

Here’s what you all been waiting for

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I made a couple of fixes to the DiCaprio Media site, adding also 19 new videos. I updated the FLV Player. Seems to work a little more better. I also made it not look so stretched out. I’m still playing with it to figure out how certain things work. But everything seems to be going well.

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New Layout for October

Here’s the new layout for October, had help from Juliet and Nicky on this one. Thanks to them both.

I’ve been working all day on DiCaprio Media. As you can see its changed. I didn’t like phpmotion v3 seems it had a lot of bugs. So I had my new host switch it to V2. Which I like more better. I’ve also been trying to learn to modify it. I am still learning so in time I will be able to figure out how to make a layout for Phpmotion.

So for now, enjoy all the video’s I posted. :wave: