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Leo on SNL

Today Leo was on SNL with Jonah Hill. Leo and Jonah did one of our favorite portrayals Titanic

Leo talks Gatsby

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We’re starting off fresh for DiCaprioMedia, we got our new install and I will be uploading videos. If there is certain ones you would like to see just let me know so i can add those for you. 🙂


I am gonna redo DiCaprio Media, I’ve been having some problems with it uploading videos so I am gonna get my host to do a fresh install. I removed all videos from it so none will play. When the reinstall is done, I’ll upload new videos to it. Just wanted you guys to know in case you go there and video’s don’t load.

From Chld Actor to Film Icon

Thanks to Shadi for the alert on this.

First Photo of Leo at the Golden Globes

I’ll upload the captures to the gallery. 🙂

Making of J Edgar

Thanks to Shadi, for the tip. I am still alive been looking for updates to put on the site but there’s been none so here’s the first of the year updates that’s come to light. Here’s the making of J Edgar, A complicated man.

Oppo Mobile: Find me Campaign