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Inception Featurette

As you know as we get closer to Inception’s release date a lot of promo things are coming out. Moviefone is looking for fans to submit questions for an upcoming episode of Unscripted for ‘Inception’ starring Leo and Ellen Page. So if your interested submit questions here: Thanks to Andie for the news.

A new featurette has come out, you can view it here:

Inception Character Featurette

Thanks to Peanut and DiCakylar

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Gallery Update

The gallery has been updated there are some small bugs, but nothing to worry over. I plan on making a new theme for it soon. I put new registrations on hold for now.  There are some new and exciting things to come so if your not a full access user. You’ll be missing the new additions that are to come.

Inception Tv Spot are now on

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Latest Updates

Here’s the latest updates:

Posted 20 icons Thanks to Chrissi.
Made a new layout for DiCaprio Fanlisting Collective
Made a new theme for Leonardo DiCaprio Film Portfolio
Added a few more calendars made by Kristen and Caroll

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RTL PodCast

Thanks to Naty she found the RTL Podcast with Leo. You can hear it here, but its in French. So if any French can translate this that would be great.

RTL Podcast

Gallery Update:

New Pics donated by Mimi, and Hanna
RTL pics donated by Nicky (LDCItaly)
Body of Lies New York Premiere re-added
1 New Shutter Island On set pic

Gallery Registration Form changes

I made some changes to the Main Gallery Form, we now have English and Spanish versions of the Registration Form. Thanks to Cristina for the translation in Spanish. I still need a French, Russian and German Translations. If anyone can help please leave a comment below.