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Upgrades for the site

Upgrades are in the air 🙂

We at HOD Network are planning on upgrading to a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or maybe a Dedicated Server with this upgrade we will be able to upload images to the gallery at higher resolutions than we currently do, and we will be able to upload videos at HD (High Definition) Quality with a Sharper Video plus we will have access to upload programs to the server that will allow us to better mange the sites and improve it. These benefits will be available for all our sites. But in order to implement this we will need your help, we would have to put a monthly fee for the site of about $3 dollars now this fee will decrease over time as more and more people join in, if more people join in the price can decrease to a 1 dollar a month to maybe even .25 cents a month. But this all depends on you. If you agree or disagree, please vote on the poll to the left hand side or leave us a comment down below.

Gallery Update:

AMC Captures thanks to Sophie

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