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Shutter Island shows the power of isolation

When Paramount decided to move “Shutter Island” from October to February, some wondered if the studio had a bigger headache on its hands than the migraines felt by Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in the film. It didn’t help that the pulp-ish trailer elicited some eyebrow-raising among pundits accustomed to more upscale fare from DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese.

But like a short-track speed skater at the Winter Olympics, the studio showed that when it came to releasing a movie, it wasn’t how you started but how you finished. The postponement to a date that was relatively open — and got more open after Lionsgate moved “From Paris With Love” — proved a prescient move.

Source: LA TIMES

The problem with the Russia site was resolved. They took down the images that were mine and apologized.


  1. Thanks Marcie, and I don’t mean to sound like I only come to your site for the pictures. This is a great resource and I am very appreciative of all the hard work you put into it. I am sorry to hear people are taking advantage of your hard work. I hope things work out.

  2. This is really sad..and as well it’s so rude and pathetic that others tryto steal and upload your pics and say that THEY”VE bought it,gosh,i hate such people!

    ANYWAYS,i’ll anyway always,daily open your page to check for updates:-) It’s one of the best pages so keep up the great work!

  3. This is the best site ever… I hope everything works out. I will make more donations to make sure this site keeps running. Damn thieves

  4. I don’t pay for the gallery, but I still wanna see leo pics, too. ):

  5. yeah,Marcie please don’t shut it down.I know they coppied your site but don’t give up.

  6. Wow, that last comment didn’t even type out right.

    Trying again:
    I will still happily make my daily trip to the site for the news, although I am very sad to see the gallery go, because I’m NOT going to their site for photos they manage to steal from someone else.
    Please don’t shut down this site, Marcie.

  7. What about those of us who paid for access to the gallery and did nothing wrong. 😐

  8. Hello,
    No more gallery? Do we just come to this site to view pics?
    I’m a member and i just realized this. What happened?
    Sorry to see it go.

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