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I am glad most of you are enjoying the Dicaprio Media Center, I’ve provided but I would like to see some people leave comments and join as well. All video’s posted are what were in DiCaprio Obsession a while back if some of you Alumni remember way back when. I was in the hospital yesterday so I didn’t have a chance to update. But I am back now. Yesterday’s episode was quite scary for me. I being high tensive, hyperthyroid and diabetic. Well you could imagine. Surprising my diabetes is good, while my heart is not. I thought I was having a heart attack. That was very scary for me to experience. Anyways next month I plan to make changes. The layout is done, which you will be see for the next two months. December’s Layout will be Our 10th Anniversary so that is gonna be a special layout.

Fan Art section is now open to the public.
31% of you have said not to open the gallery to the public. Which actually surprised me.


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