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New Staff needed

We’re looking for new staff, I will post the positions we are looking for. But right now we are looking for creative people, people who love Leo and can do wonderful things. You must be serious about helping and not just stating you are gonna help. If that person is you, we are looking for you. We need people who can upload pictures, video, make stories for our fan fiction archive, news alerters and graphic creators.


  1. I could definitely help with the creative stuff as well as uploading photos 🙂 Looking forward to more detailed postings of what you need!

  2. Hi there,

    I’ll was already via Facebook in contact with one of you and I’d like to offer my help again. I’ll could help you with uploading pictures. If you could explain further what’s about the point ‘graphic creator’? I’ve studied graphic design a couple of years ago and so I’ll could support you in things like banners, wallpapers and so on.
    But of course I have a job and a dog, so I’ll can’t be online the whole day.
    (I’m from Germany, so may be my sentences seems odd to you. My apologize for that.)

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