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Leo Birthday Project

This year, I would like to start a Leo Birthday Project. We have 7 days to get it done. So if anyone can help make graphics that would help a lot.

Here’s what we need:
Birthday Banners / Blends

So if you can contribute we will gladly appreciate it. If you have any ideas on what else to add let me know.
I’ll also be making a place where you can post birthday wishes and etc.

View our birthday project!!!!!!

We got a new layout too thanks to Natalie of Lost Sheep Designs, the layout will go up on his birthday and be the last layout of the year. We will also be celebrating our 10th Anniversary this year. So we have a lot to celebrate this year!

Updated 16 photo shoot pics and 1 new one added.


  1. best wishes for leonardo. I dont belived that he read my comment,but so hope . like hope to sunrise after sunset.or coming day after night.Im waiting that hear someting from you just hello or goodbye


  2. I thought about doing a video with pictures and wallpapers that you receive for the birthday of Leonardo.

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