1. I seen the movie shutter island excellent movie and Leonardo is to excellent I love him god bless you AND MOM THE MOVIE REFLECTED ON lEO AND HE PROTRAYED HIS ROLE BRILLANTLY REFLECTING ON PAST TENSE FLASHBACKS OF WHAT HE WENT THR AND KEPT THE AUDIENCE INTERESTED ILOVE YOU LEONARDO and martin is a excellent producer two sincerely DEB :thumbsup:

  2. The movie Shutter Island is a box office hit and its great news for Leonardo DiCaprio.As the movie has a starting story about a menatally sick old woman who escapes from the prison and the U.S marshall played by Leonardo DiCaprio investigates about the escaped woman prisoner. And he has flashbacks of experiences he went through and the image of his belated wife comes to him. Shutter Island is an interesting movie which has entertained the audience. Leo acted very well and made the movie number one. He is my favorite actor and a caring person. I wish him all the best for his movie Shutter Island.

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