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Leonardo DiCaprio: ‘I keep things light in my life.’

We know that Leonardo DiCaprio is an electrifying actor, an ardent environmentalist and a supermodel magnet. What hardly anyone outside his inner circle knows is perhaps the most surprising thing about him: DiCaprio can be quite juvenile. His idea of fun is to sit around with his buddies and make up ridiculous characters and then try to do their voices. “I’m actually an incredible goofball,” says DiCaprio, whose new film, Shutter Island, opens in two weeks. “I do imitations and joke around all day. I keep things light in my life.”

Source: USA Weekend

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  1. I actually did hear about that years ago. I think it’s cute and endearing.

  2. Thats so cute to know about Leonardo DiCaprio as its
    exciting to know about him. He is my favorite and I love him so much.

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