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The Latest Updates

Latest Gallery Updates:
Willy donated 1 pic to the gallery. Thank you Willy.
Candids 2010 Il Bolognese in Rome, Italy
Le Grand Journal Interview
Shutter Island (2010) Stills – 1 new still
Photoshoots 2010 Robert Hanashiro
Photoshoots 2010 Ben Baker
Candids 2010 Leo and Bar visit Pompei, Italy
Shutter Island (2010) Rome Photocall
Candids 2010 Leo arrives in Rome, Italy
Replaced and added Fotogramas and Cinemania scans thanks to dicakylar.
Captures of Le Grand Journal, Shutter Island Interview, Ecopia, Our Moment PSA thanks to Elli

Latest Video’s
Leo and Bar in Rome – Video see here.
Shutter Island Arrival
Shutter Island Sense of Calm
Shutter Island PodCast