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Since I removed the gallery people been asking about it so here’s what happened. Due to the server bill being due and me unable to pay for it. Its been removed. I cannot do it all on my own. We still have time before the server bill is due. If we can make it in the time allowed our bill is due on December 1. If anyone is up to wanting to donate to cover it, you can email me and I will restore everything back to the way it was with more additions to it. You can email me at On an end note, you can join our forum where I put only the most recent pictures where we left off. You can sign up here. If the bill is not covered the gallery won’t be coming back. Thanks to you all for your support.


  1. Hello Marcie,

    that’s so sad about the gallery. How much do you still need to get the cost covered? Maybe I can help if it’s not too much. I really miss all the great pics….the best collection on the internet, I’m sure. It would be too bad to lose all that. Please, let me know what I can do!
    Lots of greetings
    from Elli

  2. Anything can help at this point. I have new photos just no where to put them I was thinking about using for a gallery but it won’t have any candids in it and will be limited to their restrictions. But at least there will be something to look at even if it only has what it can. It’s free and I’ll have to reduce image sizes to adapt to their 1mb policy per photo.

  3. Hello dear Marcie
    so sad to read this news & I wish I could help 🙁 😳
    anyways,I want to THANK YOU from bottom of my heart for everything you`ve done for this site & for having the best Leo gallery ever & for making Leo`s fans speially me so happy :heart: :heart: :heart:

    I hope some of the fans can help then you can keep this fantastic Leo gallery alive!!!
    Take care & Good Luck :wave:

  4. Oh, I thought Leo fans were more loyal than this. It’s sad, I wish I could help. But anyway, everyone that worked and keep working in this site have been doing an amazing job, so I’am thankful for all.

  5. Sadly no one cares, your the first message i got like this in months so i highly doubt it. A lot of people left, during the Wolf of Wall Street so I doubt it will come back.

  6. Sadly I can’t help and send money to save the gallery but I really hope others can. I missing the pics. 🙁

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