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Not to long ago I had the Kate and Leo Fan Fiction site up, but I removed it thinking no one would read those anymore. When I got contacted asking me where the stories were located some people didn’t know where to go. So, I will be merging all the stories I wrote to the cafe’s stories.  I’ve started working on it.

So if you missed out on reading those expect more updates on what I’ve written. For the past year, I’ve been writing several stories on my new man, Daniel Radcliffe. But as Leo is definitely my old love, I plan to update and hopefully come back to the Leo world. I’ve added several new candids and captures from last night ET J Edgar Preview.  I’m also gonna be working on a new layout for November to celebrate Leo’s 37th birthday!  It’s funny that I will be celebrating my 37th birthday as well in no less than 5 months after his.