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I am gonna be doing some clean up and changes to the site. I already removed some stuff I never used for this site. But I am working on it and when new things come up and I find it. I will post it.

Since most of the staff have disappeared except for Elli, Cristina, Diane and myself. We are the only ones currently working on it. I know there hasn’t been much added in the last year, but hopefully once Leo start promoting The Great Gatsby and Django Unchained we will have more content and this site will become active again. I apologize for my lack of stability to be able to post here every day like I use to but. I do hope this site will become like it use to.

If anyone is interested in helping or donating their time to help us with anything we would appreciate if you would contact us. We could use some fresh new talent and I look forward to anyone interested. You can contact me via email at