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My Husband and I decided to change our whole outlook for our sites, so we no longer will be using hodnetwork. On January 7, HODNETWORK will be no longer. We are also going to be leaving the Heart of Destiny line, in 2011 things will change for all hodnetwork subdomains and heartofdestiny .com .net .org and .info. It was a decision we felt was time for. We are now gonna go under (Lucas HeadQuarters). So I will be changing all hodnetwork links and if you need to contact me do not use, instead use

So there is a lot of changes going on with the sites, including this one. I am currently taking things out of zip files so we can have a more full gallery and you won’t have to download bulk files anymore. So the gallery is closed for a undetermined amount of time. Full access users have until the 10th to submit their donations.