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Rent Leonardo DiCaprio’s Sprawling $5.2 Million Compound

There’s no shortage of beautiful Palm Springs homes one can rent for a weekend in the desert — but, trust us, this one deserves special attention. Curbed L.A. reports that for the hefty price tag of $4,500 per night you can stay in Leonardo DiCaprio’s sprawling desert compound. (Note: They’ve used the word compound instead of home , which you’ll understand when you click through our slideshow.)

Yes, the nightly rate is a little steep, but the house doesn’t disappoint. First, a little history: It was built in 1964 by famed modern architect Donald Wexler for Hollywood legend actress/singer Dinah Shore. The 7,022-square-foot property has six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a pool, tennis courts, a guest house, and daily housekeeping.

We know what you’re thinking: Why is Leo renting his house? Apparently, DiCaprio purchased the home last year for a reported $5.2 million, but he’s been too busy to use it. His loss is our gain, if only for a little viewing pleasure.

Source: Refinery29

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