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  1. Dear Leonaldo Dicarpio,
    my name is Hope and very fond of you. you are a great actor and a ambassador to the marginalized people . among your films ,ii was most touched by your THE BLOOD DIAMON’s one which tells the truth about what people in Sierra Leone went through.
    Meanwhile, i am from the DR Congo. we had suffered a lot from bloody minerals which had inflicting extrem suffering into the lives of congolese . Mass Rape ,killing, torture,kidnapping, slavery , fleeings has become our dairly lives since 1996 till. Rwanda and Uganda had drove the congolese population made and kill them as if they were flies.
    Would you please do something about it before is too late. as a women from the eastern part of Comgo i have witnessed the worst that noone could want to go through.

    i hope you can react and read this message .

    with regards

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