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Vintage Candids and Inception Sequel?

It’s no secret that Christopher Nolan’s Inception was a worldwide phenomenon. Hell, it’s still being parodied by the likes of South Park. Recent news suggests, however, that Warner Bros. is itching to add to the lucrative box office run of the sci-fi/fantasy/action epic – by making a sequel. No, seriously. Australian site What’s Playing recently broke the news that the studio has expressed interest in a sequel, but that the decision would fall squarely – we hope – on Nolan’s shoulders.

Nolan clearly enjoyed the experience of making the film and has recently stated plans to develop a video game based on the concept of Inception. However, aside from a couple of prequel comics, which further add to the story of master “extractor” Dom Cobb, there really isn’t a logical way to further explore the world of Inception on the big screen without marring the original. All of this sounds quite absurd, but it does beg the question of just how far a Hollywood studio will go to make money. Hit the jump for more mind bending talk.

Source: Collider

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