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391 Icons have been removed due to a request by Laura of DiCaprio Films. Since I didn’t know which icons were hers all the ones that didn’t have a name on them were removed? If your the owners of these icons and would like them back on the site tell me which ones they are and they will be put back on the site. If no one claims their work, they will not be put on the site.

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Thanks to Andreina our graphic designer, she made 24 new icons.

the rest are posted here Andreina Icons

Updated and Added Staff Pages: Naty, Cristina and Sophie

Gallery Update

Cinemania scans thanks to Eve
Italian Vanity Fair thanks to Nicky and LDC Italy Forum
Rebecca donated 20 miscellaneous scans
55 Captures of Shutter Island Interview
96 Captures of Shutter Island New TV Spot by Dicakylar


  1. Marcie 20 icons in png file are mine, you can upload when you want, and other 7 in jpeg file too…

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