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Zac Efron reveals the advice Leonardo DiCaprio gave him about fame while sharing a homemade breakfast from the Oscar winner

Zac Efron revealed some choice advice Leonardo DiCaprio once gave him while sitting down with Hot Ones host Sean Evans for their latest episode.

The hunky High School Musical star, 32, explained how a chance encounter with Leo at a Lakers game back in 2008 lead to a special one-on-one breakfast with the A-list actor.

While the Oscar-winner was no stranger to the paparazzi, he told Efron he had things way, way worse when they sat down to chat over burnt waffles.

Talking to Evans over a round of super spicy hot sauce and wings, the Baywatch star said they didn’t strike up a conversation immediately.

‘What was really cool about that night, and this kind of sticks in my mind, is like, we weren’t talking at that point,’ he explained.

‘And then I was just gonna wait for him, and sure enough he, like, had his hat down low and when the ball went to the other side he was like, “Hey man do you want to like go get breakfast tomorrow?”‘

‘So he wrote his phone number down and handed it to me while the other team was scoring and nobody saw and I took it.

Not only did Zac get to share breakfast with Leo, but he was actually treated to a homecooked meal from the star himself.

After burning a few waffles, they shared some pancakes and talked about the pressure of fame.

‘I had, like, a billion questions for him at that point,’ Zac said. ‘Definitely dealing with too much paparazzi presence in my life and, like, sitting next to Leo I was just like, “Dude how have you handled this for so long?”‘

The Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actor’s answer surprised Efron, as he admitted: ‘Frankly, you’re getting it a little bit different.’

‘He was like, “Yeah there’s never this many cars here,” Zac said, remembering there were at least ’10 cars’ following him at the time.

‘He was like, “That’s insane dude,” the Neighbors star continued.

‘I saw in his eyes a little bit of the feeling that I consistently was having all the time which was just, like, stress and anxiety and he was like, “Don’t worry about it man. You’re good.”‘

Zac said it was a special moment for someone at the start of their career, telling Hot Ones: ‘I really appreciate that he took that time. It made me feel good about it. It helped me a little bit.’

‘That’s the biggest hand you can extend I feel like in Hollywood, is looking out for somebody younger. So rock on Leo. Thank you, buddy.’