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Movie Talk: Black Manta Cast in ‘Aquaman;’ Leonardo DiCaprio to Star in ‘The Black Hand’

According to Deadline, Paramount has acquired the rights to the Stephan Talty’s book “The Black Hand”. The true story about the origins of the mafia in America follows Joe Petrosino-an NYPD cop who goes after the ruthless gang in the early 1900s. The perpetrators left a calling card of the symbol of a black hand. Detective Petrosino is determined to capture the members of the criminal organization, and his task takes him all the way to Sicily. So basically, DiCaprio’s going to play a guy dubbed “Italian Sherlock Holmes” and the battle mob.

It is reported that they are currently looking for a screenwriter to adapt Talty’s book. DiCaprio’s previous portrayals into true-life have been so successful. It is no surprise to hear that the actor is set to take that route again in his upcoming film. Ellen Goldsmith-Vein and Jeremy Bell of The Gotham Group will produce for the Gotham Group and Appian Way.