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Julia Butters,the 10-Year-Old star of “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” talks about what it was like working with Leonardo DiCaprio

Esquire: How was it working with Leonardo DiCaprio?

Julia Butters: He was very protective. And when all the other guys were swearing, he would say, “Whoa, hey, whoa.” And then he turned to my mom and I and he said, “I’m going to keep these guys in line.” So he gave them a talking to about not swearing in front of the child.

Esquire: There’s a scene where he has to throw you to the ground, was it scary?

Julia Butters: It was the best day of my life, honestly. I’d never done anything like it, so it was a really new and awesome experience.

Esquire: You tell Leo’s character in the movie that it was the best acting you’ve seen in your whole life. Was it really?

Julia Butters: It was the best day of my life. So I basically wasn’t acting when I said that. That’s the best acting I’ve ever seen in my whole life. He was so nice. On every take, he would say, every time, “I’m going to ask you if you’re okay, because I’m throwing you on this floor. I don’t want, I would never forgive myself if I ever hurt my princess.” And I was just like, “Okay.”

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