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Jamie Foxx Honored by Leonardo DiCaprio at American Black Film Festival Honors

The 4th Annual American Black Film Festival Honors were held on Feb. 23 in Beverly Hills where Jamie Foxx was the honoree of the evening. The Academy Award winner even received a special surprise – Leonardo DiCaprio showed up to present him with the award.

“There is one defining characteristic about this man. I was sitting back thinking about what I was going to say about Jamie tonight and it’s a characteristic I was able to experience firsthand on the set of Django Unchained. Jamie brings out the very best in other people. He lifts up everyone around. You can see any social setting he’s in. He’s like a magnetic force in any room that he inhabits, and there is no one in this industry who pays positivity and encouragement forward the way Jamie Foxx does.”

After Leonardo DiCaprio introduced Jamie Foxx, who started tearing up during his pal’s speech, Foxx took the mic and said some equally nice words about Leo.

“I’m just going to be honest — we’ve partied in some situations where no cell phones were allowed and I watched him rap ‘Scenario,’ ” Foxx said of the A Tribe Called Quest hit. The Ray star then proceeded to launch into rapping the beginning of the song as he encouraged DiCaprio to sing along.

After Leo shook his head and laughed, Foxx continued, “But I love you man. You are my friend. You are my colleague and this means the world.”

Photos by Chelsea Lauren/Variety/Shutterstock