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Inception,’ the only movie that matters?

“The only movie that matters.”

That’s what I called “Inception” when I dropped by the KTLA morning show the other day to talk about the rest of 2010 from Hollywood. I didn’t plan on that description — it just kind of came out — but I’m not going to back off of it now. I can honestly say there is no movie that I’m more eager to see, and (based on the script and the footage I’ve seen) I sure wouldn’t bet against this movie picking up an Oscar for the best picture of 2010.

Here’s the latest trailer for the July 16 Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures release — and the first one that really starts to explain the premise of the Christopher Nolan thriller.

It turns out I’m not the only one intrigued by the prospect of Nolan’s dream-time crime: Flixster says that more than a million responses from moviegoers have been tabulated and that the just-opened “Iron Man” and “Inception” ranked at the top of the “most-anticipated” list of summer movies. That’s amazing considering Warner Bros. and the producers of “Inception” have been taking the semi-stealth approach to marketing for months.

If you want to know more about “Inception,” check out my story from the London set. And keep checking back here…

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