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Claire Danes reveals she had a crush on her Romeo + Juliet co-star Leonardo DiCaprio

Did her heart love ’til then? Forswear it sight, for she never saw true beauty ’til that film. Claire Danes has admitted she fancied her Romeo + Juliet co-star Leonardo DiCaprio.

In the 1996 Baz Luhrmann film, based on the timeless William Shakespeare play, the two played the original star-crossed lovers from rival families who fall for each other.

And on Tuesday the 39-year-old revealed to W Magazine that those feelings continued off-screen as well.

‘That was problematic,’ she admitted. ‘I couldn’t really have a crush on the guy I was professionally having a crush on!

Quite a few gay men have talked to me about the fact that when they were kids watching Romeo + Juliet, they were confused about who they wanted to kiss,’ she continued. ‘It was all about Leo! And I completely understand.’

The actress also spilled on all her other childhood crushes growing up.

Source: DailyMail