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I am making a few new changes first of all I upgraded the gallery which gives me a few extra options to play with.

First change, better file order. I hated the way it was previously in order. It was cluttered and confusing.

I changed the main gallery url for the main gallery to People that were registered don’t have to re-register.

Captures Gallery is still the same url:

I’ll be making a splash page for the root of with a few reminders and hints for newbies.

Over the next few months, I’ll be making change outs of old photos with better quality ones. I also plan to make a new layout for the gallery so that’s included on my list of things to do.

Oh yeah and one last change the Fanart gallery will be changing format as well as site location. I’ll let you know more on that when I decide what to do.

Gallery Updates
37 Random Photos donated by Esperanza, Monica and Hanna