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Birthday Layout

Here’s my birthday layout, Antonella made the header. Thank you Antonella.

Today is my 35th Birthday so to celebrate,  enjoy the new layout.

Thanks to Shadi, Jill, and Olga for the Birthday greetings and the ecards. Love them, thank you. :cake:  :heart:


  1. What a great layout! Thanks Marcie and Antonella!

    H A P P Y 3 5 T H B I R T H D A Y, DEAR MARCIE!!!!
    :cake: :present: :flowerpower: :heart:

  2. I LOVE this new layout! Well done! :thumbsup:
    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARCIE!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wish you a lot of good things 😉

  3. Marcie,

    I wish you all of the best!!!
    Thank you for everything.
    Happy Birthday. 😉

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARCIE HAVE A GREAT TIME!!! :present: :spin: :thumbsup:

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