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Fan Video Tribute

This video is not mine, a friend recommended it and I totally agree. It made me realize what I put into this site as we go into 13 years of hard work and an endless amount of money spent for everything we put into it. It also made me realize why I love Leo. Thank you Leo for everything you’ve done and continue to do.

You can view the video here on youtube: Under Pressure

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Gallery Update

Thanks to Elli for uploading Ok and Grazia scans. Also when i made the announcement about gallery changes, I added 73 pics to the special section for members.  Elli also sent 3 new graphics and I made a calendar for May which can all be found here: Multimedia

May Calendar

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New Layout

I hope you all like the new layout, I’ve been planning to change it for a while now, but I’ve been busy with a lot of things. I reworked on the icon section as you can see if you haven’t already been there things have definitely changed. The reason for this was because when went offline. I didn’t think it was gonna come back. Not only that I couldn’t login at all so I decided to make one central location for all fanart. If I ever get to login back at leodicapriofandom. I’ll re-add there. But for now I will post fanart here.

Kamal made us 31 new graphics and Elli made us two collages one for valentine’s day and one of Hoover.
Added scans from Total Film December 2010 and March 2011.

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Lots of New Additions

Thanks to Andreina, for a lot of the new additions to the site. I also added a few of my own and some new captures of the Priory Beach Interview with Leo and Danny Boyle. Also thanks to Archer for helping with the news article updates she had provided me with along with some new video’s she created. You can view them here.

Blood Diamond – You are not alone
Romeo and Juliet – Break of Dawn
Total Eclipse – Viva Forever

Also go over to leonardodicapriofandom and see the 4 new icons I uploaded, I forgot who did these. But they were from the last challenge we had at SLD Livejournal.

The Shutter Island Fanlisting is now open for joining. So if you love the movie please join.

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The Latest Updates

Latest Gallery Updates:
Willy donated 1 pic to the gallery. Thank you Willy.
Candids 2010 Il Bolognese in Rome, Italy
Le Grand Journal Interview
Shutter Island (2010) Stills – 1 new still
Photoshoots 2010 Robert Hanashiro
Photoshoots 2010 Ben Baker
Candids 2010 Leo and Bar visit Pompei, Italy
Shutter Island (2010) Rome Photocall
Candids 2010 Leo arrives in Rome, Italy
Replaced and added Fotogramas and Cinemania scans thanks to dicakylar.
Captures of Le Grand Journal, Shutter Island Interview, Ecopia, Our Moment PSA thanks to Elli

Latest Video’s
Leo and Bar in Rome – Video see here.
Shutter Island Arrival
Shutter Island Sense of Calm
Shutter Island PodCast