Diamonds Don’t Shine

It comes from the bottom of the earth
At first it’s covered by mud and blood.
People lose their homes, their life, and their right to dream for it
Force to look for something they will never have or see shine
Burned down houses, burned down homes
People forced by rebels to find this conflict
Innocent children lose their homes and parents
Unfairly lose their childhood forever
Carrying guns instead of books, making enemies instead of friends

Taking people’s lives instead of playing games
People losing their legs and arms, losing family,
War instead of peace
Bullets instead of rain
The ground is the color red
Mud created by all the blood shed
Innocents not fed

Hell in paradise
Tears of pain instead of tears of joy
All of this for a piece of stone, piece of something that at your end
You won’t be able to keep

After knowing this, conflict diamonds don’t shine; don’t sparkle,
Are worthless, are cold, are lies, death, they are the reason for broken hope, they are the result of greed, heartless greed, they are not a precious stone, in my eyes.